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Revision and Risk

Stolley's manifesto is fair, but harsh, and insightful, but limits the human ability.  Just like we did not learn to be good, or even half decent writers, in a day, we cannot be expected to learn all of the ins and outs of digital, in a day, or even a lifetime.  However, I believe Stolley limits the potential of human ability.  The thing with writing, and even more so, digital media, is that it can in my opinion never be perfected.  With the changing and growing human intellect writing can continue to become more poetic, more engaging, and is variable as time goes along.  The same goes for digital.  No one has yet to crack all of the boundaries of this medium, so for Stolley to talk about limitation, version control, and that individuals need to command lo-fi before exploring hi-fi is robbing ourselves of exploration.  Because digital is so variable, the ways in which we learn it should be also.  After viewing the GitHub tutorials, I think the platform will be a good means in which to explore revision safely, but also provide the opportunity for risk (and reward).