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Audio Unit Relfection

For this project, I chose to read a poem that I’ve recently written titled “Consuming Agriculture.” The three audio tracks that I used are the spoken track, a track of white noise, and the experimental music I found on the Free Music Archives website ( The name of the artist I used is Dora’li, and the song is titled “1” on the album Unreleased Tracks. The song is in the public domain, presumably with a CC0 license, as the bottom of the page says, “The Free Music Archive offers free downloads under Creative Commons and other licenses.”

My project meets the baseline criteria by being within the time frame at one minute and twenty-one seconds, as well as having the three audio tracks mentioned. I also adjusted the bypass balance levels in addition to the regular volume alterations. The only track that I used that wasn’t mine was the song by Dora’li, which does not require attribution.

As for aspirational criteria, I feel as if the song that I chose aligns perfectly with the spoken track; it ends just after the poem ends. Not only that, but it is a nice contrast and fits the mood of the poem by being a little on the creepy side. The targeted audience is simply people interested in poetry, which the spoken track directly addresses in the beginning by stating that it’s a poem. I altered the volume levels at different points to account for static or being too loud. I also spliced the tracks to eliminate extended silences and adjusted the volume balances so it wouldn’t be obvious when one track ended and the next one started.

Altogether, I thought it was really interesting to hear my poem in audio format. I’m not sure that I like it as much as I like reading it, but I’m glad I got to play around with Adobe Premiere Pro and learn a few new things about how to adjust audio tracks.