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Another workshop + group studio (collaboratory edition)

Texts to have read / found / reviewed

  • Writer/Designer chapter 6, on "Designing Your Project."
  • The resources page on our WordPress site, especially the list of places to find free and open-licensed assets
  • Whatever materials or tutorials you need for your individual tasks toward your group project

Work to have done

  • Progress toward your group project: check off items on the tasklist
  • Email Ben with any requests for minilessons or tool-specific advice

Quick Group Check-ins

Work in Progress Presentations (WIPP)

As forewarned, groups that haven't yet presented will be asked to do a WIPP, with students who haven't yet been workshopped taking on a speaking role.

This is similar to the day we workshopped pitch websites, with a mix of ideas and design elements, but now inflected through the project proposal:

  • Presenters should update us on the project goals and overall work plan, then share some designed composition-in-progress they'd like feedback on.
    • If you haven't previously presented your work for class feedback, please do expect to speak as part of your WIPP.
  • The rest of us will then offer responses that describe features or aspects of the composition, evaluate their effectiveness in terms of the goals, and suggest possible ways to improve their effectiveness.

We'll begin with Alyssa and Jack, for @pghmornings, taking 5 minutes or so to present, and 10-15 for discussion.

Next up will be foodguidepgh, where Abby, Caleb, Jeff, and Jojo can decide amongst themselves which two will present first.

EXT: I want to check in with the clock. If it's after 11:30, let's have more WIPPs on Thursday, and move now into group time. If it's just 11:30 now, let's hear from one more group.

Group Time

Do what's needful for your projects, bearing in mind the "before you leave" request below.

I'll float; call me over as needed.

Some tips and EXTs:

  1. Have a look at the checklist and sets of questions in Writer/Designer chapter 7 (110-112) for some revision considerations. Some are matters of final polish, but some are essentials. Discuss with your groupmates which is which.
  2. Look back at the schedule you set for yourselves in the group contract. Knowing what you know now, would you leave that schedule as-is, or would you adjust it? If the latter, what would be a more reasonable schedule for the next time you try to collaborate on a project like this? Jot some notes you might consult for your final portfolio reflection.

Before you leave

I'd like each group to again please write me a quick email updating me on today's progress, and your updated task goals for before next class. CC everyone in the group, so you have a record.

Note: if you're using an issue / task queue, whether on GitHub or elsewhere, you can also send an email pointing me to that.

For next time


  • Next class will be another workshop / studio day. If you haven't yet presented your work for class feedback, plan to give a WIPP.
  • I do have a handout on preparing the final portfolio; we can talk about it next class.


  • If you haven't yet, please skim through Writer/Designer chapter 8, on "Putting Your Project to Work." It deals with preparations for delivery and the "multimodal afterlife," as well as documentation.
    • Consider: what would someone else need to know, or need access to, if they wanted to pick up your project and run with it after the semester ended?
  • Continue gathering whatever materials or tutorials you'll need to complete your own tasks on your group project.


  • Email me with any requests for minilessons or insights from my own work with (e.g.) WordPress, especially if you can't find or are having trouble interpreting a tutorial or documentation page.
  • Check off some checklist items on your group to-do list!
    • Note that if you're using GitHub Issues and/or Projects to manage your task list, you can literally check a box. Plus, it'll keep track of the history of when that happened, and who can take credit. (Not all task management software can say that.)