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Composing Digital Media was by far the most practical course in the Public and Professional certificate program, in terms of its future job application and uniqueness as compared to other courses.  Considering digital media is such a popular and effective means to send a message to your audience, I appreciated being able to take this course and to discover different modes in a structured environment, while also moving at my own pace.  Throughout the semester, I could explore various media that I had no or limited prior experience with.  The organization of the class, class discussion, peer collaboration, and instructor feedback was extremely beneficial in my learning and growth. read more

The website is an online blog platform to inspire the career driven female.  It is essentially a lifestyle guide for the everyday women.  The webpage emphasizes minimalistic design choices.  White background with black sans serif text create a striking webpage with similarly simplistic with colorful images lined across the screen.  Blog entries are arranged in blocks two to three wide across the page.  Their is a small navigation bar containing all of the topics as well as social media and contact links, but the page is more suited to scrolling as it is arranged chronologically.  Blog titles are in serif font and their larger size as compared to the titles in the navigation bar as well as the title of the website and logo draw attention to the content. read more

I read Future Ex Buys Pajamas before I listened to Future Ex Buys Pajamas and I think think this sequence of delving into the work is rather important.  The first paragraph of the textual version leaves be believing that Bresland, if we are to believe that he is the narrator, is a highly ironic, cynical, but interesting man.  In these first few sentences, I don't perceive anything markedly strange about our narrator, other than that he likely screams "American" or "tourist" to his fellow airplane passengers.  In some sense, I empathize with his remarks about not understanding French, that everyone seems very French, and that he is in this unfamiliar part of the world.  His observation of lingerie shops does not strike me in any obscure way.  If you have ever walked into Victoria's Secret, you see this same sort of emotional response on the husband's/significant others of wives/femals who are dragging them around the mall or, those men who need a gift for that certain someone.  No, that first moment that makes me go "hmm" is when he begins to show signs of unworthiness and confusion that he is somehow a victim. read more

Stolley's manifesto is fair, but harsh, and insightful, but limits the human ability.  Just like we did not learn to be good, or even half decent writers, in a day, we cannot be expected to learn all of the ins and outs of digital, in a day, or even a lifetime.  However, I believe Stolley limits the potential of human ability.  The thing with writing, and even more so, digital media, is that it can in my opinion never be perfected.  With the changing and growing human intellect writing can continue to become more poetic, more engaging, and is variable as time goes along.  The same goes for digital.  No one has yet to crack all of the boundaries of this medium, so for Stolley to talk about limitation, version control, and that individuals need to command lo-fi before exploring hi-fi is robbing ourselves of exploration.  Because digital is so variable, the ways in which we learn it should be also.  After viewing the GitHub tutorials, I think the platform will be a good means in which to explore revision safely, but also provide the opportunity for risk (and reward).