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Intro to Audio Reflection

I initially read "Future Ex Buys Pajamas" as a strange journal entry written by an American overcome with culture shock in Paris. Therefore, when putting these texts together, I found elements like the slow, sexy jazz music that sounds almost as if it belongs in an 80's sitcom and the eerie, almost mysterious voice that sounds as if it is coming from a megaphone kind of off-putting. The audio version of this journal by John Bresland, in my opinion, does not match the text, meaning that the two seem almost like completely separate genres. However, I can say that I was very intrigued when I first heard Bresland speak through his words and remained in that state all the way to the end.

This makes me wonder about Ira Glass's statement that no matter how boring the material you are sharing is, as long as it is in story form where there is an anecdote happening, it has momentum as it intrigues listeners who are wondering, "what is next?" Glass also discusses how anecdotes raise questions from the beginning. In my reading of Bresland's article, though it is kind of boring as it rambles on, I was intrigued by both his travels to France and his curiousness. This was brought on by his use of anecdotes as well as my questioning, "where is he going with this?" Overall, it is extremely reasonable to interpret text one way and audio a different way, even if it comes from the same source.