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Ethical Sourcing Reflection

The pictures I chose were ones of my family friends for their wedding. While I know these are considered fair use, I wonder if I need to get their permission to publish them in any way on the internet, even if they are part of a school project. They will be present on a public domain and so I wonder if there are steps I need to take to ensure that this is allowed. And if they were strangers, would I still be allowed to use them for academic purposes? In my mind, I think yes because the only people seeing them will most likely be my classmates and professor.

After reading the Stanford Fair Use policies, I realize that using photographs I’ve taken of people should be okay as long as I don’t wish to profit off of them, which I don’t. The section on “The Effect of the Use Upon the Potential Market” discusses a situation when a wood sculptor copied elements of a copywrited photograph and earned $700,000. This, of course, is not my intention. Perhaps just checking with the subjects of my photo will be enough to at least ensure that their privacy is not violated.