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Just that much further

Texts to have read / found / reviewed

Work to have done

  • Progress toward your group project: check off items on the tasklist.
  • Consider which earlier projects, if any, you'll want to revise for the final portfolio

OMETs or working time

I'll leave the room for 10-15 minutes, either way. Let me know if you want me to come back earlier than that.

Remember that these serve multiple purposes and go to multiple audiences:

  • The results go to the chair of my department, who can use it to decide whether to keep offering this course.
  • They also go to the Dean's office, and get put in my file toward tenure and promotion.
  • After grades are turned in, I get a copy and will use your comments to reflect on and improve my teaching.
  • If an ongoing fight within the university government is won, future students will be able to access the reports for the purpose of choosing classes.

So the OMETs are pretty important! You should have a link to the survey on the homepage of your CourseWeb account, or in your Pitt email.

EXT: If you haven't yet, please fill out the Tech Comfort Survey (end-of-term edition) for a comparison between now and the beginning of the semester. There's a new question in which you may give or withhold permission for me to give future students your work as an example for discussion of what's possible in CDM.

EXT: If you've done both of those things to your satisfaction and you're waiting for your classmates to finish, you can use this time for solo work on your portfolio / revisions or your final reflection.

Final group presentations

Each group will have 10 minutes to share the awesome. This isn't a workshop, but rather a celebration, though if time allows we can have Q&A.

So walk us through

  1. the thing you made,
  2. how it's changed since we last saw it, and
  3. what the fate of the project will be for the foreseeable future:
    • will you keep it live?
    • can others participate if they want?

Check in with the clock

  • if 45 or more minutes remain, group up (no more than 3 people per group) to share which projects you're planning to revise, and talk through past feedback and present strategy;
  • if 30-45 minutes remain, we'll pair up for the same;
  • if less than 30 minutes remain, work solo.
  • when 7 minutes remain, I'll want to make some closing remarks.

I'll hold office hours next week, on Wednesday 2-4pm (and the same hours Thursday, though that's after our official deadline of 9:50am for this class).

Toward an Ending


  • Read back through your work, this website, your revision histories, and think reflectively about the semester as a whole: What stays the same, and what changes, as you've moved from project to project and from medium to medium?
  • Review the guidelines for the final portfolio, including the prompts for the final reflection.


  • The final portfolio is due, as a post to this WordPress site, at 9:50 am on Thursday, December 14th.

Beyond the End