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Website Analysis

I chose Netflix because I am on it a lot, but also I have noticed over time that they change their website design quite often. Their current website is definitely more visual based, trying to let the shows/movies speak for themselves. Netflix emphasizes their logo at the top in red letters over black, the big image featured in that viewing, and of course (because it is a business) their Netflix originals by making them appear first and the biggest. Then shows and movies are sorted into categories that all are separated by a small white header and then a horizontal line of different images. In each row of each category, all title images of the show/movie are all the same size and all lined up perfectly in a row. No image (except the Netflix originals) are bigger than that one size. Even the category headings aren't that big because the page is more important the images, but those titles do still stand out because they are aligned on the left side of the page and are written in white capital letters over a black background. All the colors on the page are very vibrant and glossy. Netflix keeps their website design simple so that we spend most of our energy looking at the movie titles and images instead, which each have their own individual ways of trying to catch our attention. To keep from the page looking cluttered, you have to click on each show/movie for more information about it.

When I opened Inspect, I noticed that there are very few lines of code. This shouldn't have surprised me because what I said above is that the webpage itself follows a uniform and simple outline; it is the images that make the page look interesting.