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Website Analysis

I chose the website It is a online retail sock store for Happy Socks.

The page loads filled with a wide banner that rotates through four different photos with different designs and products featured. At the top there is a menu banner that fades in and out depending on whether your mouse is hovering over it or not. For each menu item, there is another drop down menu that appears when you hover your mouse over the main title heading. When you scroll down, the menu heading becomes permanently shaded, and you enter an "area" where there are various sized rectangles featuring the shopping categories. Below this is the standard website information and site map menu. The site is arranged into thirds, from top to bottom, as you scroll down the page with the most exciting and time sensitive material at the top down to the information that is always there.

The site is full of bright and attention getting images and features almost entirely white text throughout the page, layered over the images. The text is also relatively plain, aside from the logo, which helps the attention to rest more strongly on the images and use the text for mere reference. There is a high about of color and contrast which keeps my eye moving around the page because I continually am attracted to different elements and images. Overall, this makes me feel happy. (As it should, because the company is called Happy Socks)

The other pages within the site, aside from the homepage, have colorful backgrounds to maintain the happy, relaxed, and colorful atmosphere of the website.