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intro to audio reflection

Future Ex Buys Pajamas was an interesting enough short story.  I didn't know, at first, what to expect from Bresland, as I've never encountered his work before.  His trip, however morbid it begins, does not seem like it will be bad.  He just seems very American.

That all changed as soon as I started listening to him.  I never want to meet Bresland-- he seems creepy, full of himself, like he resents Katja and her lingerie shopping.  Why is he staring at women as they leave boutiques?  I understand that he feels othered by French language, culture, and sexuality, but it would be nice if he could not be a creep about it?  His breathy tone is really alienating, like he's right next to you.  It doesn't make me interested, doesn't draw my attention to content, it makes me want to turn it off.  I tried to listen to this all the way through twice and failed twice.

I realize that Bresland likely intended to make us slightly uncomfortable, but I doubt he wanted us to run away from him like I wanted to.  The textual, aural, and gestural modes are all working a bit too effectively together.  Had he read something less creepy in the same voice, perhaps I would want to listen.  Glass talks about a story being more than the sum of its parts; in this case, the parts are all independently unsettling for many reasons, and together they are downright off-putting.