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My Class Experience

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I added this class to my schedule for the fall semester. Entering the room for the first time was a little intimidating due to the amount of seniors and older students in general taking the class also. It was a pleasant surprise seeing the variety of projects that we would become immersed in over the semester. Image editing, audio recording, website creation, and the collaborative unit provided a nice balance that kept the class interesting. read more

I think that one of the most helpful things for me this semester was simply having a space to learn new or develop existing digital media skills. The structured environment, lessons, and helpful feedback really helped me to be sure that I was focusing my best efforts on learning and improving rather than merely repeating what I may already know. I also found the group critique days particularly helpful to hear feedback from classmates and also to see what others were working on to help me with ideas of what I liked (or didn’t like as much) and how I could incorporate those ideas or elements into my own work. It was a useful exercise to learn how to appropriately adjust text for different mediums and the impact that has on the reader and the creator. read more