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One more group studio

Texts to have read / found / reviewed

Work to have done

  • Progress toward your group project: check off items on the tasklist.
  • Consider which earlier projects, if any, you'll want to revise for the final portfolio

Web Unit Feedback Returned

I deeply apologize that it's taken me this long!

I'll have normal office hours tomorrow, W 2-4, in 617 N. If you want to sign up in advance, awesome; but if you look and it seems like I'm totally booked, chances are I'm not: I just told the system to give me a little warning. Please stop by!

I'll hold office hours next week, too.

Group Time, 60 min

Do what's needful for your projects, bearing in mind that I'd like each group to again please write me a quick email updating me on today's progress, and your updated task goals for before next class. CC everyone in the group, so you have a record.

These emails, in case you hadn't quite made the connection, are essentially commit messages for groups that aren't using GitHub. You'll probably want to refer back to them when you're writing your reflections.

Consider what you'll be able to present on Thursday!
Some tips and EXTs:

  1. Look back at the goals you set for yourselves, both in the group contract and in the criteria-gathering google doc. Knowing what you know now, and what you have now, what do you need to do to meet your team's baseline criteria for success by the end of the day? Which aspirational criteria are achievable by Thursday?
  2. If you haven't yet, have a look at the checklist and sets of questions in Writer/Designer chapter 7 (110-112) for some revision considerations. Some are matters of final polish, but some are essentials. Discuss with your groupmates which is which.
  3. EXT: I've re-opened the Tech Comfort Survey from the beginning of the semester. I'm really interested to see how your answers will have changed! Plus, it may be a good way to start you thinking about your final reflections. There is one new question: will you allow me to excerpt from your portfolio in future semesters? If you have time in class, you can do it now; if not, you can do it for homework. I don't expect it will take long.

I'll float; call me over as needed.

Before you leave: announcements

Does everyone have a copy of the final portfolio guidelines?

For next time


  • Look back over the criteria-gathering google doc, and think about all the digital design skills we've been working on. How might you bring these to bear on your collaborative project? Can you solve a design problem with CSS? Can you emphasize your top priorities through contrast?
  • Begin thinking more reflectively about the semester as a whole: What stays the same, and what changes, as you've moved from project to project and from medium to medium?


  • Finalize your collaborative projects, at least enough for presentation. Each group will have 10 minutes.
  • If you haven't yet, please fill out the Tech Comfort Survey (end-of-term edition) for a comparison between now and the beginning of the semester. There's a new question in which you may give or withhold permission for me to give future students your work as an example for discussion of what's possible in CDM.
  • Help each other, especially the social media groups: if you get a request to follow or publicize, think about saying yes!