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Audio Intro – Reflection

The one thing that I found to be very apparent in translation between the two media was the obvious loss of meaning between certain aspects in each, respectively. From the text to the audio, there was an entire atmosphere created for the piece. I imagined a black and white effect over the world and imagined that the visit was taking place some odd decades in the past. A certain eeriness took control of the tone and what I originally considered to be a mildly romantic piece  became creepy, comparative to a Shia Laboeuf - Disturbia. The final video described the making of a successful suspense scene, and numerous of those characteristics became more apparent when I listened to the audio piece again. Even just listening to the audio version had my attention, fully invested from the start to end. The text piece I merely scanned over in a quick 5 minute read. Audio adds a dimension of experience that is hard to compete with when black font on a white background is the opposition. A level of involvement is introduced, and with that comes attentiveness.