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Reflection on Guiding Attention with Visuals

This paragraph is an excerpt from my prose reflection:

"I won’t lie, my first attempts at using GIMP and GitHub were anything but a breeze. Whether it was my uncooperative computer software that will not allow various commands on GitHub to occur or my initial inability to even download GIMP, technology is not always my best friend. Yet on a more positive note, I can say I successfully completed the “Guiding Attention With Visuals” project. This was my first time using any sort of photo-editing software (unless we count Instagram/editing apps on an iPhone), so I had a lot to learn in a short amount of time. I took to Google, searching for tutorials and other resources every time I could not figure out how to do something to an image in my design. Google often led me to videos on YouTube composed by avid GIMPers seeking to educate others, and the GIMP website itself contained great tools for both beginners and the more advanced. Seeing as this was my first time using GIMP and GitHub, everything I learned was new, but there were definitely very important and rewarding tricks I discovered."

Overall, I met the criteria because I successfully merged more than one visual/ linguistic element together, altered at least one image rather than just copying and pasting, included both visual (color, size, etc) and linguistic (textual) elements, and used contrast effectively to create focus. Although I did not go far into the aspirational criteria, I attempted to continue editing what I thought was my final draft to try to get it more focused to a specific audience. Photo editing is hard work, and I am definitely left wondering how and in what ways I can improve, but overall I think I successfully completed this visual project.