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Entering this class at the beginning of the semester, I’m not sure I knew exactly what to expect. I was confident with my writing skills and ability to compose a creative work, so I wanted to improve my ability to combine my writing with new mediums of design. However, I had no idea the depths in which I would dive into foreign lands such as HTML and CSS. read more

For lack of a better website, I chose to look at the Urban Outfitters site since I frequently shop there. What grabs your attention the most when navigating to the main page of the site are the giant images of the featured clothes and any sales. The first thing that caught my eye was a large panel advertising 30% off all rompers and jumpsuits, rather than the actual navigation bar which appears above the panel in smaller, plain font. It is particularly interesting that the Urban Outfitters logo is very small and minimal on the page as well. read more

When I first read the print version of Future Ex Buys Pajamas, the tone of the article was very lightheaded in my head. The author, John Bresland, seems to have an almost self-deprecating style of writing that seemed humorous, as he talked about exploring Paris wide-eyed, like Bambi. read more