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intro to audio reflection

As we discussed in class, something that the aural medium does better than the visual/written is that it adds tone of voice. Especially in a technology based world now where we often communicate through text instead of voice, we sometimes worry that our tone will be lost. Emojis have helped us hint at tone of voice, like if you add a laughing emoji after it then it won't be taken as seriously if he didn't have that indication. So when I listened to "Future Ex Buys Pajamas" it gave the piece a tone of voice. I think most of us were surprised at the tone (which was achieved through tone of voice as well as the music that went along with it). But it also made me realize that it is an uncommon occurrence to have the opportunity to hear the author's tone while reading the piece.

I liked Ira Glass's talk. As a writing major I have heard a lot about storytelling, but his explanation of the value of anecdotes and reflection was a very fresh perspective for me. I hadn't really thought of the suspense of anecdotes before or how their has to be a meaning to it for not to seem like a waste of time.