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The website is an online blog platform to inspire the career driven female.  It is essentially a lifestyle guide for the everyday women.  The webpage emphasizes minimalistic design choices.  White background with black sans serif text create a striking webpage with similarly simplistic with colorful images lined across the screen.  Blog entries are arranged in blocks two to three wide across the page.  Their is a small navigation bar containing all of the topics as well as social media and contact links, but the page is more suited to scrolling as it is arranged chronologically.  Blog titles are in serif font and their larger size as compared to the titles in the navigation bar as well as the title of the website and logo draw attention to the content.

There is no strict organization in terms of content order, but you are able to navigate to different content by simply hovering over any of the navigation blocks on the page.  Light and dark colors create contrast making the website feel clean, organized, and in control, much like the emotion that the articles try to create in their readers.  The page is center aligned, with text left aligned, and operates by the rule of three in many cases.  My eyes feel compelled to look left to right from top to bottom as I scroll, focusing on the pictures rather than on the titles first.  I believe the designers of this page organized it in this way to make it appealing to read everything that you have not already, without it seeming daunting due to the amount of content.  I also think due to the lack of organization by category they do not want to emphasize that any one aspect of lifestyle is more important than another.

Looking behind the scenes, I feel like I am still a bit too much of a beginner to see what is going on, but I was able to enable web inspector on Safari.  It looks like they use javascript and a lot of Instagram plug-ins, which makes sense because they also have a heavy presence on that medium.  The only have a homepage template, which you could probably gather from above when I said that their website functions as one large scrollable page where you can "jump" to new sections using the navigation blocks.  I did also inspect some of the the blocks that contain articles and it looks like they are arranged head->body->divider. If you inspect one of the navigation panes, many more dividers are included.