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Project 1 Reflection

I decided to turn in my project when I realized that it fit the baseline criteria. My only goal for this project was to become more familiar with GIMP, and I think I've succeeded in that regard. I feel more confident in manipulating images and quickly accessing the tools to change things.

All of my materials were either self-created or taken from a filtered google search for fair-use images. I wanted to do a comic strip because it stood out to me when flipping through examples, and I made it queer because I've committed my college career to making everything as queer as possible.

The challenge was deciding the best way to compose the image. For next time, I probably wouldn't upload them as four separate images. Instead, I would upload them as one solid image, as it would've been easier to add speech bubbles and dialogue on top of it.

It was tricky to figure out the proper scaling, how large each image should be to fit the maximum amount of linguistic elements. It also took a few trials to come up with the best color scheme, and I'm still not convinced so much yellow was the way to go. But I wanted to give it a shot anyway and see how the public reacts so I can no better for next time.