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Audio Reflection

When I first read the print version of Future Ex Buys Pajamas, the tone of the article was very lightheaded in my head. The author, John Bresland, seems to have an almost self-deprecating style of writing that seemed humorous, as he talked about exploring Paris wide-eyed, like Bambi.

However, when I listened to the audio version, I was immediately hit with a completely different tone. The underlying mysterious background music and muffled recording of his voice create a much more sultry and dark feeling to the piece. When he first started talking, I actually thought that the style was just what he was using for the introduction to grasp the listener's attention...but then it just never went away.

As Ira Glass would argue, I suppose Bresland was trying to build suspense throughout his anecdotal narrative. However, I personally much preferred the lighter tone of the reading in my head!