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Workshop + group studio (collaboratory edition)

Texts to have read / found / reviewed

  • Writer/Designer chapter 5, on "Assembling Your Technologies and Your Team," especially the sections on Team Contracts and Project Proposals
  • Overview of GitHub's Project Management features
  • The resources page on our WordPress site, especially the list of places to find free and open-licensed assets
  • Whatever materials or tutorials you need for your individual tasks toward your group project

Work to have done

  • Progress toward your group project: check off items on the tasklist

Work in Progress Presentation (WIPP)

Sammie and Eli graciously agreed to present the work that they have so far. This is similar to the day we workshopped pitch websites, with a mix of ideas and design elements, but now inflected through the project proposal:

  • Presenters should update us on the project goals and overall work plan, then share some designed composition-in-progress they'd like feedback on.
    • If you haven't previously presented your work for class feedback, please do expect to speak as part of your WIPP.
  • The rest of us will then offer responses that describe features or aspects of the composition, evaluate their effectiveness in terms of the goals, and suggest possible ways to improve their effectiveness.

Group Time

Do what's needful for your projects, bearing in mind the "before you leave" request below.

I'll float; call me over as needed.

Before you leave

I'd like each group to please write me a quick email updating me on today's progress, and your updated task goals for before next class. CC everyone in the group, so you have a record.

Note: if you're using an issue / task queue, whether on GitHub or elsewhere, you can also send an email pointing me to that.

For next time


Our class won't meet next week, because of Thanksgiving and related matters and energies. I will have access to email, but some responses may be delayed.
  • The Tuesday when we get back will be another workshop day. If you haven't yet presented your work for class feedback, plan to give a WIPP.


  • If you haven't yet, please skim through Writer/Designer chapter 6, on "Designing Your Project." It deals with mock-ups and storyboards. Consider: which of these drafting modes is most suited to your project?
  • Continue gathering whatever materials or tutorials you'll need to complete your own tasks on your group project.


  • Email me with any requests for minilessons or insights from my own work with (e.g.) WordPress, especially if you can't find or are having trouble interpreting a tutorial or documentation page.
  • Check off some checklist items on your group to-do list!
    • Note that if you're using GitHub Issues and/or Projects to manage your task list, you can literally check a box. Plus, it'll keep track of the history of when that happened, and who can take credit. (Not all task management software can say that.)