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Webslinger – Reflection

I chose to review one of the most commonly visited websites from my computer; ESPN. Going behind the scenes of the code, I quickly realized how organized this HTML/CSS can really be. We discussed in class this idea of adding code as you go that will override the most recent command, and this code looks like all of these revisions were made ahead of time, due to the lack of redundancy across commands. They also made use of a color coordination system that made navigation must more fluid, and allowed me to recognize some of the commands we covered in class on Tuesday. Overall though, reviewing this code terrified me. The simplicity of the website layout made me feel like the coding would be totally approachable, and I found it to be the exact opposite. Even with a simple layout design, the large number of Links that ESPN relies on made the code three times as long as I anticipate. At least now when I begin to do my own website design I will have some sense of the workload going into it.