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Low Fi Manifesto Reaction

I had previously only heard the phrase "low fi" used in relation to fuzzy sounding indie music. As I continued to read the manifesto I gained a great deal of respect for the points Stolley was trying to make. We must first understand the parts of a whole before we can really know what is going on. We have essentially skipped learning the language of the programs that have become so ubiquitous in our lives. His Powerpoint example is especially telling as the phrase "slideshow" as been phased out in favor of the Microsoft Branded "PowerPoint". He argues that it is essential to learn the parts of the system before we can feel like we confidently understand the most popular programs used today. It makes a good deal of sense that using the most low-fi programs and avenues we will be able to be more adaptable and reach a wider audience with our original content. As far as the Git videos, they seem helpful despite how scary coding can seem. The program seems to have fairly user friendly interface. Overall, I'm pretty much sold on wanting to learn more about low-fi programs and how we can break down the programs we have become so unconsciously used to.