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Website Reflection

I have decided to choose the website Electric Literature, which is basically a blog site that focuses on books. It really emphasizes the name of the blog and its set against a background that is interactive. The background consists of a pond and the water moves and the fog surrounding it does as well. The name is big and appears first, and after it is a navigational bar where people can choose different areas of the blog to visit. Below, there is a list of articles and events about books and authors. Compared to many websites I've visited, this one is really well-organized because as you continue to scroll down you are given more options and information. I think contrast is also used well because most of the links and pictures are really bright and colorful against a white background, forcing people to place their attention on these parts that stand out. The elements are also aligned streaming downward so a person can just keep scrolling until they find something they are interested in. They are also evenly spread out across the page, which is nice because that way my vision wasn't too overwhelmed, but I didn't have to search for what I was looking for for a long time.