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Website Analysis

I chose Rotten Tomatoes, because reading film reviews is one of my favorite ways to kill time. The site's homepage emphasizes the featured articles, as they implement the biggest photos and therefore draw the most attention. Under these photos is a white headline amongst a black background, clearly standing out. The search bar is also very accessible, lying front and center toward the top of the page. As we scroll down, the website is mostly white with black wording, but it's very easy to navigate, and it doesn't read as bland thanks to the tiny tomato pictures accompanying the film titles. It all feels like my eye is meant to travel from top to bottom, as everything is presented in a list form with long narrow columns. And the bright, neutral colors evoke a calming feeling, which is ideal because scrolling through film reviews should be a leisurely, rather than intense activity. I would assume the designer chose to feature articles at the top of the page to encourage visitors to click around the site more. There are more articles listed at the bottom, but I assume they're less important or not in dire need of clicks, otherwise they would be more prominently displayed. I had never used the developer tool in browser before, so I was surprised to see what a jumbled mess the wesbite looked like behind the scenes. To be honest, I can't work out yet what the different fonts and colors and ordering mean, but I'm curious to find out.