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Coming into this class, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would get out of it (other than fulfilling a “W” requirement). I chose to enroll in this specific composition course because I thought that learning about digital media would give me an interesting insight into something I interact with daily. I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up not just learning more about concepts related to this ever-changing platform, but also becoming more proficient in a various related tools and applications. Having a level of proficiency in these tools is becoming an essential part in understanding how we represent media, and by practicing with such programs throughout this course, I think I have gained greater insight into digital media and composition. read more

In the course Composing Digital Media, I have learned a lot more than I expected. Going into the course, I knew a good bit about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and other digital composition software, however, I was pretty much only familiar with the basics. The project requirements we determined together as a class were really useful for setting our own boundaries to be exceeded, which forced me to experiment with effects outside of my comfort zone. Those discussions about setting boundaries were probably the most helpful in determining the direction of my project, such as the design and whatnot, in addition to seeing example projects when we did group critiques of individual projects. read more

Entering this class at the beginning of the semester, I’m not sure I knew exactly what to expect. I was confident with my writing skills and ability to compose a creative work, so I wanted to improve my ability to combine my writing with new mediums of design. However, I had no idea the depths in which I would dive into foreign lands such as HTML and CSS. read more


My Class Experience

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I added this class to my schedule for the fall semester. Entering the room for the first time was a little intimidating due to the amount of seniors and older students in general taking the class also. It was a pleasant surprise seeing the variety of projects that we would become immersed in over the semester. Image editing, audio recording, website creation, and the collaborative unit provided a nice balance that kept the class interesting. read more


Composing Digital Media was by far the most practical course in the Public and Professional certificate program, in terms of its future job application and uniqueness as compared to other courses.  Considering digital media is such a popular and effective means to send a message to your audience, I appreciated being able to take this course and to discover different modes in a structured environment, while also moving at my own pace.  Throughout the semester, I could explore various media that I had no or limited prior experience with.  The organization of the class, class discussion, peer collaboration, and instructor feedback was extremely beneficial in my learning and growth. read more

I think that one of the most helpful things for me this semester was simply having a space to learn new or develop existing digital media skills. The structured environment, lessons, and helpful feedback really helped me to be sure that I was focusing my best efforts on learning and improving rather than merely repeating what I may already know. I also found the group critique days particularly helpful to hear feedback from classmates and also to see what others were working on to help me with ideas of what I liked (or didn’t like as much) and how I could incorporate those ideas or elements into my own work. It was a useful exercise to learn how to appropriately adjust text for different mediums and the impact that has on the reader and the creator. read more