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Writer Designer Reflection

The Notorious Entertainment website emphasizes the name of the company front and center as well as the logo in the top left corner. The organization of the home page involves a scroll downwards, which is ushered by the downward facing arrow. As you scroll, it is revealed what the entertainment company offers as its main 4 features: DJ, Lighting, Entertainment, and Company. These features are not just listed, but appear one after another through a smooth transition, over a darkened picture representing that aspect of the company. The picture gives a shadow-like feel indicating a sense of depth and curiosity to learn more about these key features. The order in which the features are listed (in order above), is pretty accurate in terms of what is usually in highest demand and what is most popular for Notorious to offer. Contrast is offered through the use of white, Sans Sarif, crisp text on a solid black base background. This really emphasizes the bright text and vibrant images beneath the titled features. The feeling that is evoked is a sense of modern, edgy, forward-thinking vibe that would be wanted for an entertainment company. In terms of alignment, there is the scroll down on the first page of the key features as well as the menu bar which includes Home, Music, Live, Media, About and Booking pages. When the window is made more narrow, the menu bar disappears on the page and one must click a drop down menu in the top right corner to access the other pages. Because the page contains a lot of black blank negative space, the little text that appears on the home page is inviting enough to allow users to easily read and navigate the webpage. In other words, there is not a lot of clutter on the home page, which makes it easier for viewers to find their way around the website without being overwhelmed or confused.