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Lesson 3- Reflection

After reading about fair use, I realized that the copyrighting of media was never something I have taken too much consideration into. While we start learning in high school that it’s important to cite our sources, plagiarism is bad, etc., we mainly regard that in terms of academic integrity. I just assumed that anything on the web is up for grabs (as long as you cite it). I never considered getting permission, since everything I used was for school purposes. I find it interesting that there is such a fine line when it comes to fair use, and it has me thinking of how vast these issues must be on the web since there seems to be infinite access to other creators’ works. It really begs the question that even if you aren't following these guidelines/using someone else’s work without permission, how likely is it that you will face consequences? What are the chances that the original creator will come across your work? And if they do, how likely is it that they will do something about it?