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Website design reflection

For lack of a better website, I chose to look at the Urban Outfitters site since I frequently shop there. What grabs your attention the most when navigating to the main page of the site are the giant images of the featured clothes and any sales. The first thing that caught my eye was a large panel advertising 30% off all rompers and jumpsuits, rather than the actual navigation bar which appears above the panel in smaller, plain font. It is particularly interesting that the Urban Outfitters logo is very small and minimal on the page as well.

I think the page was designed in this fashion to entice users to click on the featured items and sales and make them more inclined to actually complete a purchase. The sale panel provides a jumping off point from which to begin browsing. There is a bit of contrast on the page as the actual background is stark white and the images used are brighter, high resolution pictures.  The white backdrop helps the photos to stand out even more. The "sale" section of the navigation bar is also contrasted in red font as opposed to black front to help it stand out. Alignment is also used to help arrange all of the items in the navigation bar, with each section having drop-down menu to further organize everything and provide ease of navigation.

As far as how the content is organized behind the scenes, it appears to be broken up into numerous chunks of text, with a header, body and footer. I still don't understand that much about html, but the way that the site appears to be set up behind the scenes is clean and logical, with the bulk of the info in the body section.