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Visual Composing Studio

One More Workshopped Draft, then Studio

Texts to have read:

Work to have done:

  • Continue working on your project, adding at least one new commit (with a .png and .xcf or equivalent) for each working session, with a meaningful commit message.

One more workshop!

  1. Jill (10 min)
Remember the strategy I'm favoring: describe, then evaluate, then suggest.

As we discuss, feel free – encouraged, even! – to draw on terms from Writer/Designer, whether design terms such as emphasis, contrast, proximity, framing, sequence, alignment, and color, or rhetorical terms such as audience, purpose, and context.

Revisit criteria (10 2-3 min)

Take a few minutes to write, just as we did last time:

  • Realistically speaking, what are your personal aspirations with this project? Have these changed at all over the weekend?
  • Do you think anything needs to be altered in, added to, or deleted from our baseline criteria?
  • What about aspirational criteria?

If you have changes to suggest, please share them as comments on that Google doc, to make sure we can all see it.


Spend the rest of the time working on your projects. I'll float around, and if I seem to be busy, check with your groupmates while you're waiting: chances are, someone will have a way to help.

EXT: If you finish early,

  • Have you also finished your reflection / artists' statement? Does it reference the shared criteria and your goals? Have you made the case that you're meeting any of the aspirational goals?
  • Call me over; maybe there's another level of ambition you can unlock, perhaps on a new git branch. Perhaps branching is the new level of ambition.
  • See if anyone else needs help! You seem to be good at this. At the very least, if two people finish early, you can exchange ideas and get feedback on your draft.
  • If you somehow got through all of that and aren't sure what to do next, get a head start on the audio unit (see below) by reading the Audacity tour guide.

For Next Time

  • Administrative: Important Dates Coming Up
Important reminder: there will be no class this Thursday, 9/21, because of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

I've also decided to cancel class the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, in deference to local custom.

We'll be starting the sound unit when next we meet, so please bring headphones – ideally, headphones with a built-in microphone, like the ones you might have gotten with your phone.

  • Outputs
    The final copy of the visual unit project – including a prose reflection – is due to GitHub, following the guidelines in the Google doc, before the start of class on Tuesday, September 26th – i.e. one week from today. Aim to have it complete by 10pm the night before, so you have some cushion if it takes longer than you expect.

  • Inputs

    • I'll have more information when we meet again for how we'll move through the next unit, which is focused on sound.
    • If you want to get a head start, you can install Audacity and, separately, the LAME encoder (which allows you to save to mp3).
    • NB: As with GIMP vs. Photoshop, if you already have a sound editor that you prefer to use, I won't force you to switch. But Audacity is Free Open Source Software, so it's especially portable and easy to access, even after graduation.