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Reflection to Stolley and GitHub

Although I was a bit confused when first reading Stolley’s piece (I’m not experienced at all in coding and related technology development), going through each item on the Manifesto and reading about it cleared things up. It was interesting to hear about the various types of software that exist already as well as the reality that there will always be more kinds being created. This idea was mentioned in different ways throughout the Manifesto so it stuck out to me. Another part that I paused to think more about was about designing a project “for the most constrained users and devices.” The goal is to please even those without access to the bells and whistles that more advanced technology and platforms can offer. It’s important for users to still be able to experience the digital artifact with ease and clarity. After watching ad videos on GitHub and joining it myself, I noticed how collaborative-friendly the software is. This is something I can really appreciate and look forward to. Stolley’s Manifesto highlighted an idea also mentioned and demonstrated in GitHub and that was the tracking of history so that any change made throughout the process of the project can be referred to and accessed.