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It's kind of odd that my focus is in digital media, but I know very little of what "digital media" actually is. For instance, I have never heard of a version control center before, and I understand its basic function, but I easily sleep into the aggressive vagueness that comes with discussing "media" topics. That being said, I'm looking forward to getting comfortable with the github platform, because it does sound like a useful tool that you can use for various work. I could see this being used in a role that requires you to enhance a company's website or some other online PR campaign. Overall, the git tutorials seemed to offer a visual representation on Stolley's ideas of "Lo-Fi" (a term I've never heard used outside of music), and it looks easy enough to navigate. I did take a computer science course once, but I was absolutely terrible at it. A passage containing words like "code" and "function" is more difficult for me to comprehend; I tend to get tripped up on the language, and then I forget the overall message of what I'm reading in the first place. So I'm hoping this course will make me more confident around the keyboard.