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Let us confer; let us commence

Texts to have read

  • Writer/Designer chapter 5, on "Assembling Your Technologies and Your Team," especially the sections on Team Contracts and Project Proposals
  • Overview of GitHub's Project Management features
  • The resources page on our WordPress site, especially the list of places to find free and open-licensed assets

Work to have done

  • Group project proposal; research toward group project

Group conferences

As I'd mentioned last time, I am expecting that the proposals will...

  • use the headings from the template I gave you
  • include specific tasks and the dates by which you're expecting to complete them, so as to fill in the homework gaps between now and the end of the unit
  • indicate clear and balanced roles for everyone in the group, as represented by assigned tasks (even if these later have to shift)

Have a look over what you've written so far, and make sure that's true!

As you finish your proposals, turn them in to me and I'll give you in-person feedback on them as a group, aiming to approve an appropriately scoped plan.

NB: I do still recommend keeping track of these tasks and deadlines from within GitHub, using Issues and the Project view, but I understand if you're already taking on too many new tech skills to add that, too.

EXT: If you're waiting for me, and if you have local access to it, please skim through Writer/Designer chapter 6, on "Designing Your Project." It deals with mock-ups and storyboards; consider which mode of design draft might be suitable for your own project, whether as an integral part of what you're making or as a platform for delivery. I should have had you do this over the weekend; my apologies for missing it!

Implement the plan!

Once you've met with me and gotten approval on your proposal, get to it! (You can, of course, start research even before then, because you'll need to have some sense of what you're putting in your proposal.)

Before you leave

Please write me a quick email updating me on today's progress and your tasks for Thursday. CC everyone in the group, so you have a record.

For next time


  • If you haven't yet, please skim through Writer/Designer chapter 6, on "Designing Your Project." It deals with mock-ups and storyboards. Consider: which of these drafting modes is most suited to your project?
  • Continue gathering whatever materials or tutorials you'll need to complete your own tasks on your group project.


  • Check off some checklist items on your group to-do list!
    • Note that if you're using GitHub Issues and/or Projects to manage your task list, you can literally check a box. Plus, it'll keep track of the history of when that happened, and who can take credit. (Not all task management software can say that.)