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Website Teaser and Lightning talk presentations

Texts to have read / found / watched

  • any tutorials or materials needed to achieve your web design goals

Work to have done

  • Further revisions of your website, to accompany your 2-3 minute presentation of your collaborative project pitch

How it'll work

  • Everyone will get 3 minutes to make their pitch: why should the rest of us join your project?
  • Have your website up on the screen as you talk, and use it as a visual aid.
  • When you're not presenting, take notes on projects you might want to join.
  • You'll be allowed to rank your top four projects, anonymously to each other but not to me.
  • Over the weekend, I'll synthesize these preferences into the groups we'll use moving forward.


Here are the links, as best I could determine. I tried to group by approximate genre, so let's try this order:

  1. Casey T:
  2. Annie:
  3. Jappmann:
  4. Caleb:
  5. Jojo:
  6. Jeff:
  7. Lucas:
  8. Sammie:
  9. Casey R:
  10. Jill:
  11. Jack:
  12. Abby:
  13. Taylor:
  14. Gwen:
  15. Alyssa:
  16. Eli:
  17. Gabi:

Pause to reflect

Take 2-3 minutes to gather your thoughts in writing: What stood out to you? What tools, projects, or approaches might you want to try that you hadn't considered before? What questions do you have for your classmates (or for me)?

We can ask and answer questions as time allows.


If time allows, and you're ready, we can vote now!
Otherwise, please do it as soon as you can.

For next time:


  • Review the criteria for the web design unit, and don't forget to scroll down.
  • Review the pitch websites for your top four pitches, and think about what roles you might want to play, depending on the group you end up in.
  • Read Writer/Designer chapter 5, on "Conceptualizing and Collaborating," and pay particular attention to the team contract – you'll be writing one next class.


  • Vote as soon as you can! By end-of-day Friday if possible. I'll compile all the preferences into groups as soon as I have them all.
  • Finalize your website and reflection, and post them to GitHub.


  • If you haven't yet, sign up for a midterm conference with Ben next week.
    • If we haven't done this by Thursday 11/9, it'll count as a missed conference – and we should still meet as soon as possible.
    • If none of the available times works for you, contact me.