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Hi everyone!

Hi there, I'm Jill Tyburski. I am a junior and a double major in English Writing (fiction track) and Film Studies. Apparently like many of you, I also am working towards the Digital Media Certificate! I think that experience with digital media is important to almost any career field. Plus digital media is fun and creative, and I think everyone else in the class would agree with me on that (which is why we are all in this class I think).

I used to want to be a photographer, then I wanted to be an author, and now I want to go into film production. But all of my interests and goals are centered around creativity and digital media. I had an internship this summer in London with a production company and what I learned is that I still have SO much to learn. I really need to expand my digital media skills, so I am really excited for this class. I don't really know what to expect still, but the unknown of this class is exciting too. Let's begin.