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Class Introduction!

Hi guys, my name is Jappmann (pronounced Jasmine with a "p") Monga and I'm a senior Communication Rhetoric Major with an intended Creative Writing Minor and Public Professional Writing Certificate. I think I will be the first to say that I actually want to go into medicine and become a pediatric specialist. After graduation, I'm planning on attending a post-baccalaureate program to finish my pre-med requisites and then (fingers crossed) go to medical school!

I came into Pitt with an interest in the sciences and in the literary arts having been co-president and co-editor for our literary arts magazine in high school. I came in as a biology major but then switched to communications and have thoroughly enjoyed my classes and professors. I find that communication is definitely a key skill in pretty much any and every profession there is out there.

I've recently taken up photography and have been learning how not to function on AUTO haha but it's been fun! I recently had the opportunity to photograph an Indian wedding which was super close to my heart so an even more enjoyable experience (You can check out pics below :)

In terms of taking this class, it immediately stood out to me among the list of other classes that would satisfy my requirements. I love social media, especially Instagram and Facebook and although I could probably read more, I do enjoy writing. I've never taken a class on composing digital media, a lot of my communications and PPW certificate classes have focused on media and consumer culture so I'm excited to begin learning and applying the knowledge I have gained throughout my time here. This will definitely be an interesting and challenging class for me, however I'm excited to get started and get to know all of you along the way!